Club News

      August Meeting


  • The meeting began at 7:30.
  • There were 5 members and 5 officers present.
  • The club is not accepting anymore new members this year.
  • There are 58 on the wait list.
  • The trout will be Stocked September 28th at 10:00 AM if the water temperature is 70 degrees or less.
  • Dates for trap shoots in August 27, 29. Check the Events page for times.
  • Dates for trap shoots in September 5, 10, 19, 24, and 26.Check the Events Page for times.
  • HTE class date September 11-12. Signup on the Pa.Game Comm.web Site.
  • Old Timers Coffee will start September 20th at 9:00 followed by a trap shoot at 10:00

         Other Notes of Interest

MGSC wants to thank all military personal for their service. If you are on full time active duty you are eligible to receive your current year's membership free.

When shooting semi-auto firearms be conscious of other shooters around you, that could be struck by your empties. BE COURTEOUS THESE EMPTIES ARE HOT!

Range maintenance and grass mowing etc. will have priority over shooting. Most of this work is done by volunteers. Their efforts should be appreciated by all the club members.

REMINDER: No shooting of rifles or pistols at the shotgun patterning range, shot shells only.

No shot shells on any other ranges.

No shooting prone on any range.

The "Old Timers Coffee Hour" is scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday each month at 9:00 AM. Check the Events page for other times. Sometime we serve breakfast. Feel free to join us for coffee and conversation. Not held over the summer months.


                    July 20-30 2016
The Lancaster County Youth Conservation School. This week long summer school is for students ages 14-16. The goal of the school is to provide basic instruction in fish and game management, forestry, sportsmanship, water conservation etc.
Milton Grove Spotsmen's Club is looking to sponsor several teens for this week of outstanding education. Please email the club for more information and application forms.

The Lancaster County Conservation School, Class of 2010