At Milton Grove, we take pride in our transparency and fairness. Various records and information about our club need to be in the public domain. As a result, we have provided all relevant documentation of The Milton Grove Sportsmen’s Club that should be made available to the members and general public on this page. You can browse through them to find out more about Milton Grove.

Officers & Board

The Milton Grove Sportsmen’s Club is administered by reputed and well-known personalities from the State of Pennsylvania and other parts of the United States. They have contributed to upholding and preserving the high standards of our functionality and operation. Furthering the objectives of Milton Grove and taking this club on the course of maximum growth would not have been possible without the efforts of our esteemed boards and dedicated officers. The names and working tenure of our Officers, Board of Directors and Committee Members have been listed below.


Terry Fitzwater
Vice President
Barry Geib
Recording Secretary
Andrew Maloney
Chris Winters
Financial Secretary
Shawn Amick

Board of Directors

Jack Schuring
Anita Sanford
Tom Howe
Lowell Graybill

Committee Members

Hunter Safety
Tim Helm
Fish, Game & Pond
Chris Winters
Derek Witmer
Firearms Range
John Fitzwater
Booking Agent
Terry Fitzwater
Building & Property
Barry Geib
Lowell Graybill
Web-Site Management
Courtney Winters
Trap Range
Chris Winters
Al Hubler
Youth Conservation Camp
Tracy Graybill